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With the advent of 21st century, India's demand for Manganese ore has grown exponentially. A country touted to be one of the largest exporters of Manganese ore, now had to import the high grade manganese ores to meet the surge in demand. Manganese ore demand from the domestic Ferro Alloy industry has grown many folds due to the demands of the mild steel sector which uses Silico Manganese, resulting in several large and new manganese alloy manufacturing units springing up in states like West Bengal, Orissa & Andhra Pradesh. These units are dependent upon the import of high grade Manganese ore from Australia, South Africa and other countries to cater to their raw material requirement for production of manganese alloys.

Our Manganese ore with its inherent higher iron & phosphorus content has found favour with the domestic Ferro Alloy industry, as it easily blends with the imported ore. Since the local industry has less demand for domestic fines, we are now trying to increase our lumpy production. In the current financial year itself, we have achieved a ratio of 60: 40 (60% Lumpy ore and 40% Fines). Currently, we are now selling our entire lumpy production to the domestic ferro alloy industries and we are exporting the fines to our loyal buyers from China, with whom we have long standing & excellent rapport.

Luck has also favoured us in as much as the deeper we go in the mines, the more is the production of lumps material so much so that we expect to produce 80% of the estimated 20,000 mt monthly production being lumpy ore.

At present, the company is in the process of acquiring prospecting licenses for new 6 concessions from the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, which is in the final stages of clearances and expected to be granted in 2013.

Due to the global recession and falling demand, the average price of Manganese ore has fallen drastically. But, one can safely expect a return of demand for all commodities including manganese ore in the near future as the recession gradually comes to an end and the global economies lead by the emerging countries like China, India, Brazil, etc revive with an increase in infrastructure and manufacturing growth.

As the manganese ore occurrence in our open cast mines is by way of pocket deposits with a very high stripping ratio of 1:30, it necessitates heavy capital investments in mining infrastructure and as such our group has taken the bold initiative to acquire state of the art equipments such as excavators, trucks, drilling and exploration equipments from globally established manufacturers in Germany, Sweden, Japan, China, Australia etc. All our earth moving machines are installed with satellite tracking GPS systems to ensure higher productivity of the equipment. We have also recently installed the latest technology in screening our manganese ores so as to be in a position to supply to our valued customers calibrated lumpy ores without even a spec of dust.

Our stockyards are also now being changed into huge covered warehouses so that our ore is protected from exposure to inclement weather conditions and to enable us cater to the demands from our valued domestic and overseas buyers on an year round basis.