Keeping on being a success depends on understanding needs and expectations of people;
and ultimately meeting or exceeding those needs and expectations.
Sarawagi - Future Plans

The toughest thing about success; is that you have got to keep on being a success.

In the Mining Sector

  • To increase the manganese ore mining from the present level of 150,000 MT per annum to a level of 300,000 MT per annum by the year 2015-16.
  • To commence high grade iron ore mining at the allotted areas of over 800 Hectares in the state of Chattisgarh by the year 2016-17.
  • To acquire new Manganese Ore leases within India and also in Australia where the group has already invested substantially in a junior mining company called Spitfire Resources Limited as also in Africa.

In the Manufacturing Sector

  • To commence Manganese Ferro Alloy production by the year 2016-17. The land has already been identified and the acquisition process in on.
  • To construct the second integrated steel project in the state of Chattisgarh consisting of 300 Ton per day production Kiln for DRI Sponge Iron together with WHRV Power Project for using about 10MW of power for captive power unit. The MoU has already been signed for the project with the Government of Chattisgarh and land acquisition is in process at a place called Tilda which is not far away from our existing plant at Siltara.