Keeping on being a success depends on understanding needs and expectations of people;
and ultimately meeting or exceeding those needs and expectations.
Sarawagi - Corporate Culture

Be diligent. dont wait; Waiting is a trap there will always be reasons to wait. the truth is there are two things in life reason and result; and reasons simply don't count.

Meeting World Standards

Technology, economy and human relations are three mantras that have spearheaded Sarawagi towards improving efficiencies. Towards which, every effort is made to adopt and maintain ‘industrialized’ mining methods that substitute machines for human muscle and reduce hazards at the workplace through automation and remote control.

Today, Sarawagi is a world class company in tune with international industry standards.

Nurturing Team Spirit

Victory is a team effort; the joy of winning is shared by all. Sarawagi as a company nurtures feelings of oneness beginning with an employee friendly environment. The company takes on itself the onus of making certain that the entire workforce is provided with the required safety standards, training and guidance. This way, the Sarawagi team performs efficiently, effectively and safely.

It is said that all business operations can be reduced to three words: People, Product and Profits. Unless you've got a good team, you cannot do much about the latter two.

Special care is taken to create an atmosphere that encourages individuals to express themselves. With regular training and supervision, employees receive the right direction and motivation, much needed to maintain focus and get the job done.

Together, we achieve more

Environment Friendly

In the age of globalization, the mining industry faces complex challenges that include industry waste disposal, environmental hazards, human rights, etc. We at Sarawagi believe that economic progress along with social responsibility, works towards the social betterment of a country. Hence, our mining activities are undertaken with great concern for the environment and sensitivity to our surroundings.

We believe, a harmonious relationship with nature reveals the respect one has for humanity. By practicing the philosophy of Principles above Profits, we demonstrate our duty & responsibility for the present and future generations to come.

Customer Care

A satisfied customer is the key to long term success. Delivering as per the customer’s requirement secures trust, builds loyalty and gains respect.

We take special care to understand the customer’s need and prerequisites. Supervision and regular communication is maintained at all points of time during the process, thus facilitating superior service. Companies across the borders trust our high quality products and their on-time delivery process.

The success we have achieved over the years is the result of the confidence you have shown in us. We promise to stay focused in our vision and remain rooted in our values as we forge ahead with your support.