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Mines SKS TPL - Singapore S K Diamond Trading


S.K. Sarawagi & Co. Pvt. Ltd., the flagship company of the SARAWAGI Group started as a fledgling manganese ore mining company in the year 1961 in India. Its ability to innovate, adapt, respond & deliver its products to market needs enabled the company to emerge as the largest producer - exporter of Manganese ores from India.



SK Diamond TMT bars are produced from ingots & billets by progressive reduction in three roughing mill stands, seven intermediate & six finishing, continuous mill stands before they get thermo mechanically treated is an advanced online heat treatment process (Thermex, German Technology) in which hot bars coming out of last rolling mill stand are rapidly quenched



The company pioneered and aggressively traded Iron Ore Fines from both ECI & WCI since 1999, totaling about 15 million MT. From 2007 onwards, other commodities like coal imports and bauxite exports were also included in our trading activities. So far, about 3 million MT each of Bauxite & coal has been handled by us.



SKS Transnational Pte Ltd., (SKSTPL) incorporated in May 2008 in Singapore as a bulk cargo shipping and operations company is a joint venture company with the major shareholders being SK Sarawagi and Co.Pvt Ltd., India ( SK Sarawagi and Co Pvt Ltd is one of India’s oldest and largest mining companies in India and one of the largest exporters of steel input minerals from India to China.